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Luxury  Facials

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Ayurveda Herbal  

this Ayuvedic facial invigorates all the sences, begining with aromatherapy, An  organic clean, Swedana(steam)used to open pores, exfoliation,  customized Ayurvedic herbs and  healing mask. A marma facelift massage is then preformed using a kansa wand with kukkumadi (safron oil) face serum. Finishising with an  organic moistuizer and mists of rose water for

additional hydration.   

Sacred Stone and Crystal Facial

The sacred stone facial begins with placing a personalised crystal grid. The body is placed with hot sones to ground, and activate Chakras. warm and cold

peruvian Basalt stones are altertatly massaged onto  the face creating a vibrational  lift and tone to your completion. finsh with organic mask and hydration. this treatment leaves a toned and  radiant glow, Feeling completly rejuvenated 

Duation:90 minutes


Intraceutical Oxygen Facial.

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